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About Us

Metal texturing and chemical etching at its best!

We Are BrasmoldWe have a passion for details

Our HistoryHow we started

Brasmold was established in 1990 by Mr. Angelo Cipriano. With over 32 years of experience of craftsmanship in the mold finishing business, Mr Cipriano soon brought on board specialized employees with texturing background experience . As a result, Brasmold was able to provide their customers with complete texturing services.

In September 2015, after many years of refining texturing techniques, Brasmold moved to a new facility, located on the south shore of Montreal. With new equipment and greater capacity, an extensive team and engineering resources were then added as the company continues to grow.  

Since then, with business in full swing, the company continues to invest heavily in their employees and their training, as well as new equipment and technologies.

Our MissionWhat we are aiming for

Our company’s mission is to provide the industry with high quality texturing services that meets the highest standards of the industry.

Our mission is to also serve well our customers in offering on time deliveries and meet our engagements. By a wise and efficient use of our resources, financial and material, invest in our employees and their training, and thus, strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations for the benefit of our future and customer’s satisfaction.

Brasmold team delivers quality

Quality is based on a range of factors, the most important being the skill and drive of a well-managed, united team. Since the technologies and techniques in use are evolving, the members of the Brasmold team are given the tools and training needed to perform their jobs.

As we are growing, our team takes pride in giving priority to their customers and looking after their needs. Brasmold team always strive to exceed customer’s expectations and meet their requirements.